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Legal Separation

No Lawyers Needed! At Trusted Legal Document Services, Inc. we can help draw up and file paperwork needed to go through with a Divorce.

Divorce, Legal Separation

Is it possible to get a Divorce without a Lawyer?

The answer is Yes! You can easily file for divorce in California without a lawyer, saving you a ton of money. If you are trying to find a way to file for divorce without using a lawyer then you’re in luck because it is 100% possible for that to happen. If you think about it, its just paperwork. Here at Trusted Legal Document Services, Inc. we can professionally prepare and file all your divorce forms needed to go through a separation for a much lower price than what law firms would make you pay. 

Most people can finalize their divorce without going to trial, and some do not even need to attend a hearing. You do not need a lawyer or to pay expensive hourly fees just to file your divorce forms. Most divorce cases can be easily settled without a lawyer; just by preparing and filing the proper documentation.

What is a Divorce Exactly? 

There are two kinds of divorce procedures in California, a REGULAR DIVORCE and a SIMPLE DIVORCE.

A REGULAR DIVORCE is also known as a regular dissolution. One spouse must be a resident of California for at least 6 months, and of the county where they are filing for at least 3 months. At the end of a minimum 6 month waiting period, the husband and wife will no longer be married, providing the proper papers have been filed with the court. The court will make orders dividing the marital property, provide for custody, visitation and support of children, and, if appropriate, also issue orders for spousal support (alimony).

A SIMPLE DIVORCE is also called a summary dissolution. A simple divorce is designed for people married less than 5 years prior to the date of filing; have no children and the wife is not pregnant; neither party has an interest in any real property, except for automobiles; less than $5,000 in debt was incurred during the marriage; community property is valued at less than $25,000, not including automobiles; neither party has separate assets, excluding automobiles, in excess of $25,000 and both parties are willing to sign a joint petition. Either divorce procedure takes a minimum of 6 months to be finalized.

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